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I / We have read, understood and agree to the Admission requirements, fee structure and the terms and conditions. We understand that this document forms part of the admission documentation required for admission to school
The details given in this Application Form are true and correct.
2. Should admission be granted :
1. Fees
I / We understand that except for the security deposit, all other fees once paid, are not refundable under any circumstances.
I / We understand that a notice of two months will be given before withdrawing the child, failing which two months fees will be paid.
I / We have read and understood the fee details, mode of payment and details of deadlines for payment. I / We agree to adhere to them.
I / We understand and accept that should my child’s fees not be paid in time, she / he will be excluded from school until the full fees are
My child will attend school regularly and I/we will notify the school on the first day of any absence.
I / We will attend parents’ meetings arranged by the school, and undertake to co-operate with the school in its programmes and
I / We will ensure that my child/ward will observe all rules and regulations of the School.
I / We have read and accept the school’s Admission Policy.
I / We authorise the schools to take photographs of my child, while engaged in school activities, for official school use eg. promotional
material, website etc.
I / We will accept any other rule or regulation as may be reasonably introduced from time to time on behalf of my child / ward.
Please Note: Admission to any class / grade / year is at the complete discretion of SCHOOL_NAME School.
I agree to the terms & conditions.
Admission Policies


  1.  Parents must be given to understand that they cannot dictate to the management, but that the management has the right to state the conditions under which they will admit or retain pupils in their school (Code).
  2. No one is to be adnitted without a Transfer Certificate, Report card & conduct certificate, from the school last attended.
  3. The parent/guardian should fill in the School Admission form/School calendar with utmost accuracy and read the rules as given in the school calender. The signing of the Declaration form will constitute an agreement on the part of the Parent/ Guardian and the students, to abide by the rules of the school as laid down in the school calendar.
  4. No refund of the money paid will be made after the admission is taken.
  5. Notice of withdrawal should be given a month in advance, or else the fee for the following months will be charged.Such a notice should be given by the Parent or Guardian. Those leaving in April must pay fees for May and June.
  6. No transfer certificate will be issued till all dues are paid. The application form for the T.C. is contained in the calendar. Such a certificate will only be given DURING OFFICE HOURS and TWO days after the application has been submitted.
  7. No certificate of any kund will be issued without prior application by the parent. For every certificate issued from the office a fee will be charged accordingly. A character certificate will be issued on the basis of his/her regularity, punctuality, behaviour and the pursuit of values gained in school, strictly according to the remarks in his/her school calendar.
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