Welcome To Small Wonders School 
Founded in 1998 with a handful of students, Small Wonders has blossomed into one of the premier educational institutes of the city. Small wonders is a school that balances traditional values wit... More...
Advisor, Mr. H. C. Daga

   From the Advisor’s Desk

                                      Education is what survives when all that was learned has been forgotten

 We at Small Wonders provide our young learners a soil which is conductive for excellence and achievement. We give them strong roots and wings to fly and yet not lose the common touch.

                 We aim to create independent thinkers, inquirers, problem solvers and decision makers who would make valuable contribution to the family, school, society and the world.

                 We ensure that students push themselves out of their comfort zones and practice till they reach a level of excellence. Our students know that success does not lower its standards for anyone, they have to raise their standard to meet success.

                           A person rises because of his belief and falls because of his belief. Mr Dhirubhai Ambani started his great empire with no success stories attached to him but his determination, faith and belief in himself and his work got him to build the greatest business empire prevailing in the country today. Mahatma Gandhi, a single man was responsible for India’s independence.

      There are no limits to how great you can become or how high you can soar, except the limits you impose in yourself. Bring out your inborn courage and strength, have right determination for right action, practice hard work in full swing and sure you’ll be the ‘King of Kings”




 The Principal’s Desk                    It is said that life is a long journey that takes us down many winding roads, yet the most important step comes at an early age. At Small Wonders, he...... More...