Welcome To Small Wonders School 
Founded in 1998 with a handful of students, Small Wonders has blossomed into one of the premier educational institutes of the city. Small wonders is a school that balances traditional values wit... More...
Principal, Mrs. Sangeeta Grover

 The Principal’s Desk


                 It is said that life is a long journey that takes us down many winding roads, yet the most important step comes at an early age. At Small Wonders, helping children set out on the right path and ensuring that the path is smooth .. is not only a job but a commitment .


                 The foundation of  literacy are laid down in these formative years and it is a massive responsibility for educators to nurture a love for learning in the young impressionable minds. The family like atmosphere and doting educators ensures that the weaning process from home to school is smooth and fulfilled.

        Expectations are high and all members of the school community are expected and enabled to achieve their best in all that they do … no single person is responsible for the education of the child: not the classroom teachers, the school support staff, the Director, Principal or parents. Instead we are all responsible as a group and therefore we need to work co-operatively , sharing the responsibilities– the care, planning, teaching, evaluation, as well as sharing the joys, sorrows and frustrations that are part of every child’s emotional, spiritual academic and physical development, if we are to succeed.

Children are the architects of the future world. They are the builders of humanity. It is the most sacred task of both parents and teachers to mould their lives in accordance with the Indian traditions.


               Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.



                                                                                                     Mrs. Sangeeta Grover


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