Small Wonders Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur


What is so special about Small Wonders School? For me there are few things which make our school education distinctive.

“Life is a long journey where each one of us moves ahead conquering one milestone after another. The traveller moves on but the imprints remain embedded on the sands of time.”

This is how our school runs ahead carrying its entire past memories and cherished moments and leaving the imprints of success on the pages of its golden history. The main motto of our school is to achieve success for each of its kids by shedding every drop of its sweat.

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All of us know very well that a school is a temple of learning where young kids are framed to be the guide, guard, and guardian of their next generation. It is a never ending process that begins at home. So home is the first school for a child where parents act as teachers and the school is the second home for him where teachers act as parents.

The very essence of school’s philosophy- that education works best when it is a joint venture between teacher and student- still remains as the corner stone of Small Wonders School. 

We the people of SWS believe in firm discipline which is the key to success in life.

We understand very well that students are the agents of future generation- the thinkers, planners, and leaders of the society and it is the duty of every modern school to feed them with proper  mental food that enables them to be worthy world citizens of tomorrow.


-Mrs. Nandini Agrawal