Small Wonders Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur


Dear students you need to direct your life wisely to be successful and for the good of others. In each one of us there is a marvellous creative potential that needs to be discovered and used for a happier and more productive life. As students your success in life will depend on your outlook to life. If you have the right attitude, no matter how difficult or tedious the task, however big the hurdles on our way may be, you shall surpass them.

Milton was blind, Napoleon was afflicted with skin disease, Julius Caesar suffered epilepsy, Beethoven and Byron were deaf! Yet all of them succeeded  in their lives.

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 Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the electric bulb, failed nine hundred times in his experiments before he succeeded in his invention of the electric bulb. A teacher was once asked by his students as to who his role model was. The teacher was quick to reply: “The Honey Bee you must be joking, sir,” the students shouted in one voice. No, I am quite serious; the honey bee is my role model.” The teacher said again and went on to explain himself. “Scientists say that as per aecrodynamics, the honey bee cannot fly; its wings are not proportionate to the shape and size of its body and so scientifically it is not possible for the honey bee to fly. But, we know the honey bee flies effortlessly. This is simply because the bee does not know the above fact and so is not conditioned by it. The bee is aware of only one thing-that it can and is sure to fly, and so it does. This is what I admire most in the bee- its belief in its ability to fly even if the whole world may think otherwise. No wonder, the honey bee is my role model!” the teacher concluded. Like the honey bee, strive ahead even if the way ahead of you is tough and hard to tread along. Nothing shall hinder you from marching ahead. If you think you can, you definitely can. Discover yourself, unleash the potential within you and soar to the heights of your life and make your Alma Mater proud of you.


-Mr. Sunil Agrawal